Encumbrance Certificate

The encumbrance certificate is a most important document used in property buying or selling as a proof of free title/ownership. When purchasing a house, apartment or plot, it is important to verify that the property does not have any Money or legal dues. And encumbrance certificate (EC) makes certain that there is a complete ownership of the property without any money or legal issue.

The EC for property can be obtained from the sub-registrar’s office where the particular property has been registered. It is a document issued by the registration authorities. While buying a property, it is important to confirm that it does not have any legal dues. A prospective buyer must ensure the property has a clear and marketable title.

WELCOME TO Crore Services

When the world was at the peak of recession, India also was affected by it. World economists were looking for reasons behind the recession and discovered that major reason was use of numerous forged documents in banks and at various other places.

To protect common people from such pitfalls, ARUNACHALAM & VALLIAMMAL founded an organization with the name “CRORE SERVICES”.

Mr. Arunachalam actively assist the Contact Point Verification between 2009 to till date. Then he started his Crore Services mid of 2012 as proprietor concern. During 2014 the Crore Services converted into Partnership firm with a partner of A. Valliammal and duly registered. Mr. Arunachalam is having wide knowledge in registration of documents with SROs. Besides he is strong in verification and investigation of customers profile. He guides his team Members and attend the calls immediately and complete the work within the stipulated time.The proprietor is well versed with the demography of the city and having good contact with all Sub-Registrar’s Office.

In due course, CRORE SERVICES has identified many forged documents and helped various organizations and institutions to save themselves from losses which could have been sustained from forged documents.

As one of the wonder’s of the world Tajmahal was built with expert world class architects, likewise we do have an expertise team for each distinct field. With our vast and profound knowledge and experience in this field, we assure transparent & quick documentation service in timely manner.

We, CRORE SERVICES, located in Chennai which is the capital of Tamilnadu, the pioneer state in India are dealing with Property documentation, Registrations,Investigation, Verifications , Copy Document(True Copy), Encumbrance Certificate and Cibil Score and We also Register in Government Registartion Office and provide EC on behalf of applicant anywhere in Tamilnadu.